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Transforming innovation into results

As the business and technology landscape evolves, the ability to commercialize technology and rapidly and efficiently bring a product from concept to market becomes increasingly important. TIV’s technology commercialization practice is uniquely positioned to support entrepreneurs and established firms in all aspects of technology commercialization, enabling them to realize the economic value of their innovation. Our proficiency in technology commercialization at all Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) in varied sectors has allowed us to fuel the success of entrepreneurs and firms by commercializing their inventions.

Our deep understanding of financing needs for commercialization, coupled with our expertise in mechanisms for obtaining financial support, helps provide businesses and inventors with access to R&D financing. TIV’s technology commercialization experts have a 360-degree knowledge of SBIR/STTR, IP valuation, and term sheets. They can help innovators obtain a wide range of financing, such as grants, equity, and licensing.

Whether you are a grassroots entrepreneur, a university scientist, a small or big business struggling to commercialize your technology, a tech transfer office, a manager of a lab, or a program seeking to monetize your innovations, our customized services can help you. Contact us at

Our Technology Commercialization Services

Innovation can originate from universities, companies, or individuals. Our seasoned experts can help weed out unsuccessful ideas or inventions and focus on commercially viable ones. If there is no market for an idea, there are already competing products, or the idea is simply not technically viable, sending it back to the drawing board early is advisable.


Our methodology that emphasizes front-loading due diligence and assessing industry traction early on helps commercialize your intellectual property (IP) more effectively and efficiently. The optimal approach to technology commercialization heavily depends on its development stage and market readiness. When the time comes, aligning innovations with investors and licensees will require knowledge, resources, and strong business networks. Our technology commercialization experts with deep industry knowledge and networks will work with you to guide you to achieving your goals.

Intramural and Extramural Commercialization Support

TIV has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in commercializing intramural and extramural research. For intramural projects, which are typically conducted within government facilities or universities, we assist agencies in monetizing their innovations through a range of practices, from invention disclosure to market outreach and licensing or spinout strategy. For extramural research, which takes place outside government facilities, usually in private companies or universities, we help secure necessary government funding, develop business models, and monetize intellectual property.

To learn more about our SBIR/STTR services, click here.

Technology Assessment and Commercialization Strategy

To determine the commercial viability of your innovation, we conduct evaluation and readiness assessments along various dimensions, such as the novelty of innovation, IP landscape, team composition, and industry traction. Our robust triaging and iterative and interactive approach help develop a flexible yet rigorous commercialization strategy and its smooth execution.

Strategic Networks & Financing

We connect clients with partners seeking to address product gaps, acquire or sell companies or intangible assets, or expand into new markets. We help you find the best investment partners, whether they're government agencies, venture firms, angel investors, or impact investment funds.



Recognizing the necessary skillsets and gaps is instrumental in assembling an effective team capable of communicating your value proposition. Our team of technology commercialization experts can mentor your team at each step to accelerate your technology commercialization successes.

IP Protection, Valuation, Licensing, and Monetization

Covering your flanks through various means, in addition to obtaining a patent, is needed to avoid inadvertent loss of IP and derive its full economic value. The business approach of TIV experts to IP helps clients not only arrive at a realistic valuation of IP grounded in rigorous methodology and data but also helps raise financing through novel methods such as IP collateralization. Our ability to anticipate various scenarios goes beyond traditional practices such as confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. This helps prevent situations that could hinder clients' full exercise of IP rights.

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