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Technology Assessment

Mere novelty or sophistication of innovation doesn’t augur its commercial success. Our team assesses the technology's viability, including its implementation risks and the anticipated economics of the technology augmenting or replacing existing solutions and solving a problem capable of generating revenue. TIV experts particularly focus on how the innovation, product, or process would function in its ecosystem.

Technology Roadmap and Foresight

Our systems thinking approach and deep understanding of industry trends are instrumental in performing product and technology road mapping. We conduct stakeholder consultations and scenario analyses to identify drivers of innovation within the said technology and the ecosystem within which it functions. Our analysis also encompasses innovation in upstream and downstream technologies, thus providing deeper and more meaningful insights that inform the product and technology road maps and anticipated obsolescence. Our future-oriented technology analyses also help identify technology development trends and hence in forecasting.

IP Landscape Analysis

We assess the strength of IP through patent landscaping and mapping, which includes analysis of citations, inventors, and assignees. We can develop a tailor-made patent positioning strategy for any business or inventor by conducting in-depth IP-based market research and competitive analysis. For businesses and inventors who have not explored IP protection, our team of IP lawyers can help them throughout the patent drafting and prosecution process. Our strength lies in pursuing IP strategy through the prism of commercialization strategy. This holistic view helps us file for claims and obtain freedom to operate that would be most economically valuable and not be just a vanity patent. 

Commercialization Strategy & Execution

To achieve the successful commercialization of your technology, we strongly believe in “knowing your competition.” By analyzing a business or innovator’s competitors extensively, we assess market potential and identify a target market and the most promising commercialization pathway (licensing, product development, contract research, etc.). Our hands-on approach and deep understanding of licensing, term sheets, and other key commercialization documents help our clients obtain the best deal while mitigating risks.

Investment Readiness

A solid, well-developed technology with robust IP is necessary but not sufficient for commercial success, especially if the commercialization entails venture investing. TIV experts support clients in all aspects of investment readiness, including team composition, development of KPIs, financial modeling, and business plan creation. Articulating the “ask” anchored in realism is much more than creating a compelling pitch deck. Our experts, with deep industry and venture investing knowledge, can help create a solid private placement memorandum.

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