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Accelerating Growth Through Government Funding

Unbeknownst to many, the US Government is a powerful resource, with multiple programs and instruments available to a wide range of businesses to accelerate and promote technological development. Our expertise in and strong understanding of US government programs and their funding mechanisms, including the SBIR/STTR, can help companies secure non-dilutive funding for growing their business and completing such applications. TIV understands the ins and outs and key elements of a successful application based on the particular U.S. government solicitation. This includes providing proposal writing, market analysis, commercialization plans, budget planning and justification, forecasting and modeling, and project management. As such, working with TIV will increase your chances of success, and organizations will also benefit from time savings due to our experience.  

Leveraging Our Commercialization Partners

Our extensive experience in business process re-engineering, outsourcing, and strategy gives us the acumen to identify how partnership selection should be made and what partnering mechanism provides a win-win situation. TIV can pull strong partners who, besides having internal resources and capabilities to nurture innovation, have their own network of important and relevant organizations and institutions, thus creating a multiplier effect.

Alternative Funding Sources

Seeking outside funding, whether through private equity, venture capital, angel investment, or debt financing, can be difficult for innovation, especially at low TRLs. Obtaining angel or venture investing may not be possible in all cases, in which case our focus is on obtaining further grants or impact investment capital or contract research. TIV’s experts can advise you on your best course of action and understand the pros and cons.

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