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About Us

Tambourine Innovation Ventures

Tambourine Innovation Ventures (TIV) is a knowledge-driven economic development advisory and venture acceleration firm providing deep domain expertise and cutting-edge services to solve challenging problems, navigate change, and forge the future through research, analytics, and evidence-based practices. 

The firm has two complementary and mutually reinforcing practice areas: 1. providing tailored, innovative, value-creating, and results-driven advisory services on cutting-edge topics; and 2. creating and scaling technology-based ventures.

Through innovation by integrating economic, social, and technical expertise, TIV aims to strengthen the perpetually evolving business, political, and security landscape. Our agile, highly collaborative working model and unwavering commitment to the missions of government agencies, private firms, universities, major donors, venture funds, and international development organizations generate a lasting, significant, and positive impact on societal and economic progress

Cross-Cutting Themes

Climate Change, Resilience & Sustainability

Colorful Balloons

Gender, Diversity & Inclusion

Jobs & Future of Work

Computer Chip

Digitalization & Data

Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG)


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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