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Business Structure

Defining the organizational structure from the inception of a new company speeds up business growth and prevents unexpected turns and glitches. Our experts are highly competent in organization management principles and can help avoid unclear reporting relationships or under-resourced functions to ensure smooth execution and make the entity owning the innovation more investment worthy. Our deep understanding of various incorporation forms, including novel ones such as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) and B Corp, can help you structure a legal entity best suited to your needs.


Our experts are with you every step of your high-tech journey, whether in securing the early-stage funding your company needs to navigate the Valley of Death or negotiating license terms. We aim to provide mentees and innovators a range of acceleration and technical assistance services to address critical business, organizational, financial, and institutional challenges to commercialize and scale their technologies and companies.

Performance Management

TIV experts not only define the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will keep your company on track but also identify risk factors and create plans to mitigate and address risks should they manifest. Even successful businesses with rapid growth can run out of funds, experience supply shortages, or underinvest when they need to expand if they are not closely monitored. Start-ups have these and additional unique challenges to which measures that work for large businesses do not apply. We can assist you in charting your growth trajectory and ensuring that you are monitoring and acting at key decision points to sustain the growth of your business and market position.

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