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TIV's Advisory Services team offers a rare blend of deep insights and meaningful action. We are business strategists, investment specialists, economists, academic practitioners, lawyers, regulatory experts, and data and digital experts united in our mission to create a more sustainable future for everyone. Our agile, highly collaborative working model, operational expertise, and unwavering commitment to the missions of government agencies, private firms, universities, major donors, venture funds, and international development organizations generate a lasting, significant, and positive impact on societal and economic progress.

Advisory services

The business, political, and security landscapes of today are ever-changing. To stay competitive and relevant, businesses, organizations, and governments must constantly modify and transform themselves in response to their complex and dynamic global environment. We collaborate with clients across the globe to plan, design, and execute groundbreaking programs. Staying ahead necessitates more than just cutting-edge technology. It requires problem-solving agility, innovative change management tools, and the capacity to accomplish more with less. In our work with governments and domestic and international development agencies and organizations, we take a multidisciplinary approach to each project and devise customized solutions to help our clients reach their objectives. Based on trustworthy relationships, extensive industry knowledge, and professional expertise, our consulting services help local and international businesses, governments, and organizations create, manage, and carry out long-lasting transformations.

We support the strategy and operations of client organizations with clarity, insight, and rigor by providing the following advisory services:

Innovation & Intellectual Property

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TIV’s Advisory Services practice on innovation and intellectual property (IP) helps government agencies, private firms, universities, major donors, venture funds, and international development organizations looking to develop, design, and implement innovative projects and programs for new growth. By supporting the unique needs of our clients, we uncover and fix broken processes, clarify their vision, and provide a fresh perspective on new opportunities and strategies to achieve innovation and IP goals. Our ability to design and execute innovation and IP strategies across global contexts allows us to accelerate innovation and drive sustainable, equitable, and inclusive transformative results.


Instilling principles of innovation at macro, meso, and micro levels. Development of innovation indicators. Conducting market intelligence and technology assessments, fostering university-industry collaboration, and strengthening national innovation ecosystems across the globe. 

Intellectual Property

Designing and executing IP strategies that create an ecosystem that converts ideas and IP into economic growth. Assessments of IP regimes, policies, and strategies to enable IP systems for trade and competitiveness. Helping governments spearhead programs on IP valuation, securitization, exchanges, technology licensing, and monetization of intangible assets.

4IR & Digital Transformation

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We collaborate with domestic and international development agencies to help governments across the globe to plan, design, and execute groundbreaking programs for the Digital Era. Our Advisory Services team of 4IR and digital transformation thought leaders and technical experts help shape the contours of pioneering projects, programs, or initiatives on emerging technologies, digital transformation, digital governance, data privacy, and cybersecurity. We work closely with our clients to design, implement, and scale human-centered 4IR and digital transformation projects for optimal, sustainable, and transformative results.  


Developing analytical studies and deep dives into national 4IR ecosystems, focused on disruptive innovation, emerging technologies, and their regulatory, governance, and policy implications (national, regional, and global levels). Conducting smart specialization assessments to identify unique opportunities for development and growth.

Digital Transformation

Designing or improving digital transformation strategies for economic development and competitiveness through promoting a human-centered approach to digital solutions. Developing gender-informed digital and open data governance frameworks structured at the national, regional, and global levels. Helping governments understand the regulatory, governance, and public policy implications of digital privacy, information, and cyber security.

Private Sector Development, Entrepreneurship
& SMEs

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Entrepreneurship is crucial for the sustained vigor of today's economies and for creating new jobs. Sustainable long-term growth is only possible with a robust private sector. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) comprise 99% of businesses in OECD nations, contributing 60% of employment and 40% to 60% of the value added across these nations. They also account for more than half of all jobs globally. Our advisory services help governments create and implement policies and instruments for an enabling environment where private enterprises can thrive and SMEs, especially entrepreneurial firms, can bring vitality to the economy, drive growth, and create jobs.

Private Sector Development

Advise on evidence-based reforms and policies for PSD by conducting systematic country diagnostics. Promoting investment opportunities for investors and financial institutions, thus creating new markets for companies. De-risking access to finance to unlock better opportunities for private sector investment.


Designing and implementing programs to foster SME growth by strengthening SME development agencies, national policies, and regulations. Designing and implementing Supplier Development Programs (SDP) to help firms rise in Global Value Chains (GVC). Providing tailored Business Development as a Service(BDaaS) models to achieve sustainable SME success and growth. Providing advisory services in obtaining access to finance.


Creation and implementation of policies and instruments to foster entrepreneurship. Establish and operationalize incubators, tech parks, accelerators, Fab Labs, regional innovation hubs, and technology transfer offices. Assessing and developing risk finance policies and regulations for governments worldwide.

Economic Development


We assist governments, development organizations, and private firms in planning for the unprecedented change rate in an increasingly economically volatile world by launching customized programs to accelerate innovation and drive job creation, growth, and resilience. Our team of experts works globally to create endowments to propel sustained long-term growth, enhance economic and social well-being, and create more and better-paying jobs.

Trade and Competitiveness

Designing and implementing programs to foster competitiveness, improve ease of doing business, and foster long-term shared prosperity. Piloting economic diversification and customized interventions for different types of economies (resource-driven, efficiency-driven, innovation-driven, open, closed). Improving the business environment in any geographical context by spearheading investment climate reforms. Conducting rigorous analyses of regulatory burdens on businesses and removing barriers through deregulation.

Governance, Public Finance Management, Economic Modelling

Strengthening of capable, efficient, resilient, sustainable, inclusive, and accountable institutions. Developing tools and models to assess feasible growth paths and assist policymakers in sustaining and accelerating growth. Helping governments with budget formulation, planning, and execution. Designing programs for public sector accounting by instilling institutional accountability and transparency principles. Conducting external oversight of public finances and developing systems and processes to enhance public spending, investment efficiency, and integrity. Developing Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

Policies and Programs

Conducting structural and investment climate reforms. Promoting investment through foreign direct investments (FDI) by helping governments draft and enact legislation. Providing support for developing National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) anywhere in the world. Aiding in State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) reforms. Conducting extensive and exhaustive regulatory impact assessments.

Strategy & Operations

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Meticulous execution towards objectives (organizational, program, or project level) demands processes that address binding constraints with good practices. A firm grasp of all facets of the issues at hand based on unvarnished facts and consensus and clarity of goals at various levels of management is critical for developing a robust strategy underwritten by operational capacity. Our experts have formidable expertise in developing theories of change, results chains, Phoenix checklists, Monte Carlo simulation, stakeholder consultation, surveys and analytics, and co-creation. TIV experts have vast experience in Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEL), Agile methods, OODA loops, logic models, and knowledge management. We assist organizations with strategy and operations and provide institutional support on intramural and extramural engagements.

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