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Use of Digital Tools in Fighting Climate Change: A Review of Best Practices

Humanity is facing one of the worst man-made crises – climate change. Countries around the globe have “nurtured” unsustainable practices since the beginning of the first industrial revolution, burning fossil fuels and destroying nature, releasing unprecedented quantities of carbon into our atmosphere. As climate volatility continues to amplify concerns surrounding the world’s environmental future, the IADB has made it a central mission to find solutions to this growing problem, emphasizing and prioritizing Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). As part of their mission, the IADB contracted Tambourine Innovation Ventures to conduct a proprietary assessment of how the Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies could be implemented in mitigating and adapting to climate change.

TIV’s study titled “Use of Digital Tools in Fighting Climate Change: A Review of Best Practices“ gave an overview of how governments around the globe, and in LAC, use emerging technologies under the auspices of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and digitalization to tackle climate change challenges through adaptation and mitigation measures. The study delved deep into the crux of the climate change issue, establishing the current landscape of environmental problems globally and in the LAC region. This aided the development of a survey on the implementation of 4IR technologies toward environmental solutions in Latin America and allowed for the identification of best practices for digital technologies.

The insights of this investigation have sparked current IADB projects and set the tone for future IADB projects related to data/digitization and climate change. Notably, many of the recommendations in TIV’s study have guided these developments.

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