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Angela Llinas

Unanet Manager, HR, and Accounting


Ms. Angela Llinas is TIV’s HR and Accounting Manager, managing UNANET and overseeing all accounting and contract administration processes, including funding notices, contract renewals, invoicing, and payables management. As TIV’s Unanet Manager, Angela develops and implements business process improvement policies to increase productivity while decreasing the company’s general overhead. She also designs and implements control methods to keep track of revenue and collections processes.

As TIV’s HR administrator, Ms. Llinas acts as the first point of contact for HR-related queries from external partners, employees, and consultants. Ms. Llinas maintains personnel records, manages employment records, conducts onboarding duties, and updates internal databases. Additionally, she ensures compliance with state and federal regulations.

Ms. Llinas performs accounting tasks, including AP and AR, reconciles company accounts on a semi-monthly and monthly basis, and maintains the general ledger of TIV.

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