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TIV’s team of IP experts hosted a 2-day workshop titled Empowering APEC Women Inventors: Patents as a Tool for Gender Equality

TIV’s team of IP lawyers and experts conducted a two-day workshop on their flagship APEC report titled Women and Patents in the APEC Region: Current Situation, Performance and Challenges. The report's findings were shared during a two-day Virtual Workshop on November 29th and 30th, 2022. Over 180 participants from different APEC and non-APEC countries took part in understanding the plight of female inventors in pursuing patents and utility models and the importance of closing the IP gender gap during the two-day session.

During the workshop, TIV’s experts delved deep into uncovering the findings from their report, which is the first report of its kind in the APEC region, tackling the participation of female inventors in the patent systems of the 21 countries members of APEC. The report showcased the inspiring stories of five female inventors and their pursuit of patents for their original, cutting-edge, and revolutionary ideas. The workshop and report aimed to act as a preliminary roadmap for APEC governments to address the continuous underrepresentation of female inventors by providing an overview of their challenges in patenting and recommendations on ameliorating them. To this end, the workshop included two inventors whose stories are captured in the report, intending to serve as a beacon of hope for future young women and girls uncertain about their STEM prospects.

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