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TIV’s Chief Technology Officer received the prestigious INGSA award recognizing outstanding scientific achievements

TIV’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Dr. Arnoldo Ventura, was one of two Jamaican scientists to win annual awards from the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) in 2021. This marked the first time in the organization’s history that multiple awards were given to recipients from the same country. INGSA is an affiliated body of the International Science Council and is a global leader in scientific policy exchange, capacity building, and research. INGSA provides an international platform for policymakers, scholastic societies, and researchers to collaborate toward improving governmental decision-making through scientific evidence.

Dr. Ventura was awarded the INGSA Latin America and the Caribbean Advice Essay Prize for his work Primacy of Science Advice in the Small Islands of the Caribbean.” This essay represents a culmination of Dr. Ventura’s more than 50 years of experience as an internationally recognized authority on innovation trajectories and applying science and technology for socio-economic development. Therein, Dr. Ventura investigates the untapped potential of Caribbean countries to leverage scientific advancements as a mechanism for poverty alleviation, economic advancement, and enhancing quality of life. The dynamic interplay between scientific advisors and political leaders must be reformed to accomplish this. Namely, scientific developments, and the benefits thereof, must be effectively communicated, followed by effective initiatives instantiated by local, national, and regional authorities.

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