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TIV Vice President of Emerging Technologies and Intellectual  Property (IP)  was selected as a distinguished speaker at the  2019 IPBC Global The Annual Event for Global IP Leaders

Widely recognized as the global gathering of the world’s IP business leaders, IPBC Global’s 2019 annual event in Boston was attended by representatives from the world’s top universities (e.g., Harvard University and Yale University) and companies (Google, Facebook, PayPal, Deloitte, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft and more). The three-day event addressed several topics: IP strategy, regulation, policy, and commercialization. In particular, TIV’s Dr. Stankovic was joined by leaders from Mastercard, Barclays, and Operem to discuss the role of blockchain in IP protection. The discussion covered three major topics, i.e., assessing the potential hurdles for large-scale application of blockchain, using blockchain as a tool for managing patent function, and avoiding the temptation of attaining a large quantity versus high-quality patents.

The conference spanned a spectrum of topics, including identifying the barriers women face who seek to build careers in IP, innovative IP strategies for life sciences, the introduction of 5G technology to fuel exponential growth in connected devices, and rethinking managing IP, among others.

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