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TIV Developed and Led a Workshop on “Innovation in the Caribbean” in Partnership with NASEM, CARICOM, and the Government of Grenada

In partnership with NASEM and Mr. Keith Mitchell -  the Prime Minister of Grenada and the Head of Science and Technology at CARICOM - TIV spearheaded a landmark intervention in the Caribbean region by developing and implementing an Innovation Workshop. The workshop distilled the essential ingredients necessary to achieve scientific and technological ambitions, such as those of the Grand Anse Action Plan. As part of the Grand Anse Action Plan’s goal of promoting innovation and STEM-related fields, Prime Minster Mitchell headed the Innovation Workshop established by TIV and served as its keynote speaker. The cutting-edge workshop offered insights into what renders a Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) system successful and was led by heads of academia and the private sector. Namely, the necessary policies, regulatory environment, financing, technical assistance, STI system capabilities, and education of the relevant populace were discussed in focus groups and later conveyed to a larger audience.

Some of the key issues addressed in the workshop aimed to improve the state of the innovation ecosystem and diversify the region’s GDP through regional and international support and involvement. With the assistance of the National Academy of Sciences, the meeting culminated in an agreed-upon framework for short- and long-term initiatives for the Caribbean region. These plans were bolstered by an analysis from senior World Bank officials who provided economic insights on necessary financial requirements and mechanisms to achieve the aforementioned goals.

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