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We’re Tambourine Innovation Ventures, and we’re here to help your business grow. Since our founding in 2000, we’ve guided countless clients to help them achieve their unique business goals. Using our proven end-to-end methods we’ll equip you and your organization with a plan to succeed. You can count on our team to give you the best insights towards your future. Join us today.


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We produce lasting and sustainable solutions to the world's problems, both existing and anticipated.

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Tambourine Innovation Ventures (TIV) is a technology and venture development firm dedicated to poverty alleviation and sustainable growth through innovation


Our ventures employ state of the art technologies, multidimensional and cross sectoral approaches, best practices in risk mitigation, staged implementation and strategic alliances.

Thought Leaders

Our team members have  extensive and deep experience in major knowledge domains, and a track record of shifting the paradigm in their discipline.


How can we help turn your problems into solutions?

Let us know who you are and how our full suite of services and expertise can bring your concept to market and help you make a difference to the world and your community.


Schumpeter Circle

A forum for forward looking and pioneering thinking approaches to the interdisciplinary study of innovation among the global research and practitioner community


TIV in Action


TIV/REACH/IDB’s Competitive Pitch Event in Port of Spain Trinidad Focused on Promoting Innovation and Sustainable Technological Ventures in the Caribbean

Doug Richards of England’s Dragon’s Den and Alan Bead, a prominent international investment banker, were two of the esteemed judges at The TIV/REACH Pitch Event. The project, implemented and organized by TIV and funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDBD) focused on the design, development and implementation of a pipeline of innovative and sustainable technologies ventures in the Caribbean.

TIV publishes and presents a paper on Industry 4.0 at the 17th Session of the UNIDO General Conference

The paper explored Industry 4.0 technologies and their impact on society at large, and the importance for policymakers to initiate the process of understanding the
truly disruptive nature of these technologies.  

TIV  examines the merits and challenges of Blockchain Technology via IDB publication

TIV publishes a paper on The Impact of Digital Innovation and Blockchain on the Music Industry via the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

TIV Explores the Implications Artificial Intelligence via a World Bank white paper

Members of TIV publish a paper via the Global Forum on Law Justice and Development (initiative of the World Bank), on the Exploration of the Legal, Ethical and Policy Implications of Artificial Intelligence.


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2726 Gallows Rd. Suite 805
Vienna, VA 22180, USA


2726 Gallows Rd. Suite 805
Vienna, VA 22180, USA