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Grant & Proposal Guidance

Procedural Guidance for SBIR/STTR Applicants

At TIV, we recognize that the success of your SBIR or STTR proposal is contingent upon the innovative strength of your project and the ability to navigate the procedural complexities of the submission process. Our specialized services are intended to provide our clients with comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process, ensuring that they can submit their applications seamlessly through platforms like, which serves as the primary gateway for all SBIR/STTR applications. We oversee all technical aspects, from registering our client's company with the appropriate federal agencies (such as the DUNS/UEI number and the System for Award Management (SAM)) to submitting all forms with precision.

Our team meticulously manages the electronic submission process, which includes document preparation, formatting to satisfy agency specifications, and final evaluations to guarantee accuracy and compliance. TIV allows our clients to focus on their innovation while we handle the technical aspects of the proposal process.

We aim to optimize the potential of our clients' proposals and simplify the bureaucratic procedures, thereby increasing the likelihood of securing funding and advancing our clients' technology to market. Allow TIV to assist you in navigating the complexities of the SBIR and STTR proposal submissions to ensure a successful and precise process.

Did you know that even Phase 0 Programs are available to help SBIR/STTR candidates? These programs by some agencies such as Dept of Energy and almost every State Economic Development organization are designed to assist applicants in preparing their proposals and increasing their chances of success in the highly competitive SBIR/STTR funding landscape. Phase 0 support can include guidance on navigating the application process, mentoring on project feasibility and commercial potential, and help in identifying market needs and aligning the technology accordingly. By providing these preliminary services, Phase 0 Programs empower candidates with the tools and knowledge necessary to refine their innovations and proposals, thereby enhancing their readiness for Phase I evaluation and funding.

SBIR/STTR & Federal Grant Guidance

TIV's technical advisors, who possess extensive experience, offer SBIR and STTR participants critical decision-making support, ensuring that technology development strategies are optimized to align with commercial objectives. TIV provides comprehensive, end-to-end grant support, assisting companies in navigating every stage of the SBIR contracting procedure, from initial registration to final proposal submission. Our proficiency in aligning technology solutions with agency priorities (topics and sub-topics) increases the likelihood of successful awards and optimizes the impact of innovations.

TIV is committed to the mitigation and management of risks, providing SBIR and STTR grantees with support in the evaluation of technological risks, the prioritization of resources, and the development of robust contingency plans. Our services encompass proactive risk management, strategic resource allocation, and comprehensive risk assessments to ensure the success of projects. Furthermore, TIV guarantees that projects are executed in a manner that is consistent with the most stringent government and market regulations, thereby improving their outcomes and ensuring that the highest standards of regulatory adherence are upheld.

TIV utilizes its extensive knowledge and experience to assist clients in navigating the intricacies of federal grant processes, thereby making projects well-positioned for success and capable of making substantial contributions to their respective fields.

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