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New Combinations for New Needs

Ventures for Change

We understand that technology is only part of the solution. Our innovative and sustainable solutions created by top experts are the result of service innovation, design thinking, as well as technology.  We select our clients carefully for their social commitment, excellence in management, leadership in their field, appetite for innovation, and analytical strengths.

Our ventures employ state of the art technologies, multidimensional and cross sectoral approaches, best practices in risk mitigation, coupled with deep insights gained from the extensive experience of our team in staged implementation and strategic alliances. We have no sectoral focus, our only condition is that our ventures address a major socio-economic and environmental challenge - and produce an unambiguous solution.


Microbial Waste Treatment System

TIV is working with Columbia University to commercialize a unique Waste Treatment Technology developed by a University Professor (who won the MacArthur Award for his work).  

The system uses microbial ecology, molecular biology and engineering to turn human waste into clean water and usable fertilizer. 

Green Bio-Degradable Composites from Natural Fibers

TIV has produced bio-composites from several grasses, and is identifying candidate fibers in the Caribbean. A licensing agreement is being negotiated with Cornell. The project will be presented to the World Bank funded Venture Capital Unit in the Caribbean in March of 2016.

Bio-Refinery for Natural Extracts

TIV introduced the Australian Cone Column technology to Jamaica. TIV is working to expand and refine the model by identifying more new products from local produce in the region, and integrating other technologies to improve flexibility.


Production of Inulin from Agave

Pilot testing and analysis has been conducted on agave plants in Mexico by the TIV partner technology company in Vera Cruz.  The processes involved in inulin production are: Extraction, centrifugation, clarification, evaporation, de-coloration, filtration, drying and packaging. TIV is currently commercializing this technology.

Water Filter for Household Use

TIV, in partnership with its water technology partner, has designed a filter with a capacity of 15 liters/day, which requires  no energy, and removes 99.99% of organic and inorganic contaminants. The filter has passed US and Mexican standards and is ready for product launch. The cost to the consumer per liter is 5% of the lowest available alternative in Mexico 0.5 pesos/liter).

Oil Absorbents made from Banana Stalk Fiber

TIV designed and built a pilot plant in Costa Rica for the production of the oil absorbents, which showed high performance and a low cost of production. TIV is currently developing the project for the Caribbean in partnership with large banana producers in St. Lucia and Jamaica.

Pimento Leaf Oil Extraction, Jamaica

TIV assisted a Jamaican entrepreneur in raising capital and improving the technology for a plant that produces the essential oil from pimento leaf. In contrast to pimento seed, traditionally used for oil and expensive, the leaf is a much cheaper raw material and the extraction process used provides a comparable yield and quality.

Integrating Innovation Ecosystems, North Macedonia

A TIV member analyzed a World Bank supplier development program for the auto industry in North Macedonia and integrating the innovation ecosystem with the initiative to help SMEs in the country rise in the global value chain and meet the challenges of rapid technological changes in the industry value chain.

Waste Analysis of Plastic Bag Use, Mali

A TIV member carried out a study for USAID Mali to analyze the waste problem produced by the increasing use of plastic bags in the country. The main causes of the problem were identified and solutions developed to produce value added products from the waste.

Policy Research on Innovation in Oil and Natural Gas, Brazil

TIV is involved in a major policy research project in Brazil on Innovation in the Oil and Natural Gas sector. The projects involves Columbia University, EBAPE, Rio and MIT.

Eco-Tourism for Holbox in Mexico

TIV is advising a Mexican Investment Group in the design and development of an eco-tourism project in the island of Holbox, Mexico, an untouched island with extensive biodiversity close to Cancun. TIV is also involved in raising capital from the Impact Investment community.

United Nations Advance Technology Alert System (ATAS), Global

A member of TIV was part of a three person team that design the Advance Technology Alert System of the UN. The purpose of ATAS was to provide detailed analyses of the positive and negative implications of new technologies for developing countries. Technology sectors included: Biotechnology (tissue culture), materials, infomatics.

USAID (EASY) Venture Capital System, South Africa

A TIV founder was advisor to a USAID funded program (EASY) in South Africa to design a system for providing venture capital to the historically disadvantaged population in South Africa

Horizontal Technical Cooperation Study, Global

 A TIV member carried out a global study of the potential for Technical Cooperation between Developing Countries (TCDC) for UNDP, which covered cooperation in industry, agriculture and the social sciences

Sustainable Technology Ventures (STV), India

TIV designed and established Sustainable Technology Ventures for the development of sustainable technology based ventures in India. It also raised the initial capital for the venture from Indian companies. The company was merged with a large Indian corporation.

Action Plan for Regional IP Support, Caribbean

TIV conceived and designed action plan for a regional IP support facility for CARICOM countries to help protect and monetize all forms of intellectual property (copyrights, GIs, technological), helping artists and farmers capture greater value of their outputs and establishing linkages between frontier innovation community and the scientists in the Caribbean.

Technology Gateway Organization (TGO), Tunisia

A TIV member was advisor to a USAID project in Tunisia to design a TGO as a mechanism for improving the transfer of technology to the country from overseas.

Innovation Fund to Finance Clean Tech, Mexico

TIV member helped SENER (Mexico Energy Ministry) establish an innovation fund to finance clean tech ventures by leveraging GEF (Global Environment Facility) funds thus spurring an innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country and steering it towards a low carbon future.

TIV's Global Reach

Past and current project locations:

Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Macedonia (FYROM), Bulgaria, Serbia, Georgia, Kosovo
Caribbean and Latin America: CARICOM AND CARIRI countries, Mexico
Africa: Mali, South Africa, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda
Asia: China, Philippines, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia 
MENA: Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait

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