TIV’s Vice President of Emerging Technologies Intellectual Property was invited by the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Institute (UNICRI) for an International Expert Teleworkshop

UNICRI Jul 2020 WMD Terrorism

In July of 2020, TIV’s Vice President of Emerging Technologies and Intellectual Property, Dr. Mirjana Stankovic, was invited as part of an invitation-only Expert Teleworkshop hosted by UNICRI. The event was organized within the framework of the UN Global Counter Terrorism Coordination Compact Working Group on Emerging Threats and Critical Infrastructure Protection project. Together, TIV joined 47 other international technology experts to discuss “Technology and Security: Using Big Data and Blockchain to Combat WMD Terrorism.” The objective of the event was to better understand the risks and benefits with WMD-relevant advances in science and technology. In particular, TIV members participated in an elaborate discussion on how novel 4th Industrial Revolution technologies, big data analytics, machine learning, and blockchain technologies, could be applied to combat WMD terrorism.

The consortium of experts explored multiple topics, including how distributed ledgers can counter the proliferation of Dual-use Items in addition to the use of Distributed Ledgers technology for Nuclear Material Accounting and Control. This workshop was a part of series of discussions which will provide essential guidance for UNICRI to prepare a Final Report that contains a description of possible risk scenarios, technological countermeasures and a set of strategic recommendations and follow-up actions to match the needs of Member States.