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TIV’s Vice President for Emerging Technologies and Intellectual Property(IP) is invited as a distinguished panelist at the Inaugural 2020 Data Business Congress in San Jose, California

San Jose Data Congress feb 2020

Tambourine Innovation Ventures’ (TIV) Vice President for Emerging Tech and Intellectual property, Dr. Mirjana Stankovic, was invited to discuss issues related to Data Transactions, Data Protection and Intellectual Property at the Data Business Congress in San Jose, California in February 2020. The symposium featured high ranking members of the world’s largest technological companies, including the likes of Google, Uber, Oracle, Intel, IBM and Seagate Technology. The hostsm IAM and the Global Data Review (GDR; leaders in the IP value creation market and regulation of data trade and use, respectively) conducted the inaugural Data Business Congress due to the growing salience of data in the contemporary. The primary objectives of the meeting were to investigate: 1. How data can transform the bottom line 2. The opportunities and risks with data value creation 3. Best practices for conserving and defending data and 4. Utilizing Data to drive efficiency and create value. Dr. Stankovic was selected as part of a panel of with IP experts from NantWorks and XLP capital to discuss how the data market is evolving, in addition to the means of bundling, buying and selling data as an asset class.

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