Impact of Blockchain Technology on Music Industry (IDB)

TIV was hired by IDB to prepare a paper on impact of blockchain technology on music industry in general and in the Caribbean in particular. This was part of the Technical Cooperation (RG-T2627) aimed at supplying the knowledge, experience, methodology and tools to perform a comprehensive assessment of existing intellectual assets to guide the development of information communication technologies and innovations that can be incorporated into the ‘intellectual asset-based’ business models of firms in the creative industries in order that they may take advantage of the benefits of existing broadband service in Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.  

UNIDO PROJECT on Industry 4.0

TIV was asked to prepare background note for UNIDO’s seventeenth general conference on emerging technologies and Industry 4.0 

Impact of Industry 4.0 on Social Sectors (IDB): Digital Economy Investments for Social Development

TIV member is contributing to a background paper on how emerging technologies (Industry 4.0) would impact different social sectors (health and social protection, labor markets, education, gender and diversity). The report is expected to serve as foundation for other reports and workshops envisaged under this project. The report would include examples of technologies serving social needs and provision of public services and provide an overview of challenges and opportunities in widespread adoption of such technologies.  Tentatively, the report would consist of the following parts: (i) introduction, definition and overview of emerging technologies in Industry 4.0; (ii) Industry 4.0, digitization and emerging technologies impact in different social sectors (challenges and opportunities) in LAC – health and social protection, labor markets and education (pension, skills, TVET, labor intermediation, ECE and k-12, caregivers, gender and diversity) – using good practices examples from the region and globally; (iii) the way forward - public policy recommendations.

Caribbean Regional Entrepreneurial Asset Commercialization Hub (REACH) [Project (Inter-American Development Bank)

Solicited proposals from consulting firms to identify and support a selected number of high value, competitive ventures that generated innovative technologies. Projects constituted a portfolio (“pipeline”) that built on the competitive resources and market opportunities of the region. The project involved the creation of a regional facility in the Caribbean to protect and monetize various forms of intellectual property (creative industry such as music copyrights, geographical indicators, and patents).

The objective of the program was to establish a regional Intellectual Property (IP) management center entity to support various entities that rely on IP protection and monetization for their survival and growth.


TIV was responsible for 'Design, Development and Implementation of a Pipeline of Innovative and Sustainable Technologies Ventures in the Caribbean’. Engagement was: to solicit proposals from consulting firms to identify and support a selected number of high value, competitive ventures that generate innovative technologies. These projects constituted a portfolio (“pipeline”) that built on the competitive resources and market opportunities of the region. Concrete fundraising and venture scale up projects with several companies were identified under the REACH program and from other non IDB countries.

Training program for CARIRI in Trinidad and Tobago on Technology Transfer, Commercialization, and Technology Scouting

The program was implemented in two sessions, the first on technology scouting and the second on technology transfer and commercialization. TIV has a long-standing relationship with CARIRI and designed a business incubator for CARIRI funded by the UN Financing System for S&T for Development (UNFSSTD) several years ago. The training program used, to the extent that was possible, case studies from the region. 

OECD Review of Kuwait’s Innovation Policy

TIV prepared a comprehensive and integrated contribution to the OECD Review of Kuwait’s Innovation Policy based on the information gathered in the scoping and fact-finding mission(s) and the Background Report provided by the Kuwaiti authorities. The report was completed by desk research, telephone interviews, analysis of Kuwaiti legislation, and other relevant sources of information (included, as relevant, any survey conducted in the context of this review). This contribution took the form of inputs to the OECD Review of Kuwait’s Innovation Policy, including draft chapters and sections of the report, illustrated with in-depth case studies (on thematic areas in specific sectors such as life sciences, downstream oil; or based on successful policies providing insights to Kuwaiti policy makers).

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Expanding Knowledge 

TIV Impact of Industry 4.0 Papers in Process for Fall 2018 Publication: 

I4.0 Kenya

I4.0 Brazil

I4.0 Burkina Faso

I4.0 and Climate Change (IDB)

I4.0 Kazakhstan

I4.0 and Malaysia

Can artificial intelligence make education smarter?

Dr. Mirjana Stankovic, TIV's Vice President of Emerging Technologies and Intellectual Property contributes a blog piece to "Enfoque Educación", the blog of the Education Division of the IDB. Enfoque Education is a space where specialists and guest authors share their reflections, experiences and knowledge to promote informed discussions on educational issues among students, parents, teachers, experts and decision makers.

Dr.Stankovic explores the concept of 4RI which contains a large number of cutting-edge technologies such as: artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing, machine learning, the Internet of things, cloud computing and Big Data, as it pertains to education and the classrooms of the future. 

TIV Speaks at International Institute for Trade and Development's (ITD), Trade and Development Regional Forum 2018 in Bangkok Thailand


 TIV discusses the implications of Industry 4.0, which includes issues related to Big Data, Data Mining and Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Industrial 3D printing (Additive manufacturing), Blockchain, Convergence, Mass Customization, Cyber Physical Systems, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, and  Internet of Services on the trade and development of the region. 

TIV and IDB Examine the Implications of 4IR on the Social Services Sector in  Latin America and the Caribbean


This TIV/IDB white paper explores the impact of digital transformation and 4IR (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing, Big Data, Virtual and Augmented Reality) on the social services sector in Latin America and the Caribbean. Sectores examined include Healthcare, Education and skills for the future, Gender, diversity and emerging technologies,
Jobs, income and social protection. 

​TIV Presents at the 17th UPenn APALSA Conference "A Brave New World: Transforming the Lawyer, the Firm, the Industry"

Dr. Stankovic, a TIV member, discussed the benefits and drawbacks of artificial intelligence, legal issues involved, and the ramifications of using AI service for legal work at the 17th UPenn APALSA Conference "A Brave New World: Transforming the Lawyer, the Firm, the Industry". The conference explored three salient areas in commerce and technology: the new trends in corporate transactions and litigation, the increasing vulnerability of firms and corporations in the realm of cybersecurity and data privacy, and the current and future development and application of artificial intelligence.

TIV is now a member of  the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) 

TIV is proud to be a part of CTCN’s mission to build the capacity of developing countries to identify technology needs and to facilitate the implementation of technology projects and strategies to support  low-emission and climate-resilient development.  (source: 


TIV leads discussion in GEF STAP innovation workshop


TIV explores the following questions related to the financial innovation domain:


What is emerging in this domain (or over the horizon) that the GEF should keep an eye on?

What are linkages to the other domains and how should the GEF harness and manage these interconnections?

What is missing? (in how the GEF does business)

TIV is the Keynote Speaker at the IDB UNFOLLOW Conference in Trinidad and Tobago


TIV member was the keynote speaker for IDB Unfollow Conference on the topic, “How can the private sector be a  leader in innovation in a small economy”. Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago March 2018

TIV Organizes a Round-table on Innovation Indicators and Transformative Technologies at OAS 

TIV organized, moderated, and presented at a workshop with member states and experts focused on how to measure innovation and its impact on the economic and social development of the Americas and ways to harness the potential of transformative technologies, including for example robotics, artificial intelligence, Big Data Analysis, 3D printing, advanced manufacturing, new materials, augmented reality, precision agriculture and personalized medicine, among others. Indicators and Transformative Technologies Workshop at OAS .

TIV OAS Presentations Links 

Industry 4.0 Exploring policy implications for developing countries: A human centered Governance approach

Mirjana Stankovic, PhD, LLM Senior Legal Advisor AI, IP, and Technology Law



Indicators Of Science, Technology And Innovation: Issues And Emerging Perspectives


Atul Wad, President, Tambourine Innovation Ventures


TIV Gives a Presentation on Industry 4.0 and Smart Specialization

at the 2nd Research and Innovation meeting in SKOPJE March 2018



The second Western Balkans Research and Innovation meeting took place in Skopje on March 21-22, 2018 within the framework of the European Commission’s Support for the Steering Platform (SP) on Research and Innovation for the Western Balkan countries (WBC). TIV’s presentation entitled Industry 4.0 and Smart Specialization: A way forward for the Western Balkans explored the ongoing elaboration of smart specialization strategies in the Western Balkans and their alignment with countries' research priorities and economic policies.

Patentability of Bioprinting

Members of TIV publish a paper via the Global Forum on Law Justice and Development (initiative of the World Bank), on the Patentability, Global Development and Ethical Considerations of Bioprinting.  


International Trade, Governance, and Sustainable Transport: The Expansion of Electric Vehicles


A member of TIV, Dr. Stankovic, contributed to a paper for the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), that  explored the decarbonisation of transport industry through the expansion of the electric car. 

CARICOM Innovation Workshop 

TIV conceived and facilitated a workshop on innovation in the Caribbean. Supported by OAS and IDB, this workshop was focused on the Grand Anse Plan of Action for Enhancement of S&T and Innovation in the Caribbean being implemented under the auspices of CARICOM and headed by Prime Minister Mitchell of Granada, the keynote speaker.  The workshop was hosted by National Academies of science (NAS). TIV will be centrally involved in the implementation of the Grande Anse program with Dr. Arnoldo Ventura, the CTO of TIV, being a member of the Steering Committee.



Technological Innovation in Legacy Sectors Publication

Charles Weiss of TIV's advisory council, visiting Scholar at AAAS, and retired Distinguished Professor of science, technology and international affairs at Georgetown University, has recently co-authored, Technological Innovation in Legacy Sectors.


(Bonvillian, B. William and  Weiss, Charles. Technological Innovation in Legacy Sectors. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2015. Print.)  

World Energy Congress in Istanbul 

Prajwal Baral, the Business Development Specialist at TIV, represented TIV at the 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul (October 9-13). He participated in the Congress in the capacity of the World Energy Council's Future Energy Leader (FEL). At the FEL Summit he delivered a presentation on the role of the 'Paris Agreement on Climate Change' in shaping the global energy future.  

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