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TIV Leads Discussion on Industry 4.0 and Smart Specialization at the 2nd Research and Innovation Meeting in Skopje, Macedonia (March 2018)

The Second Western Balkans Research and Innovation Meeting was held in Skopje on March 21-22, 2018 as part of the European Commission’s Support for the Steering Platform (SP) on Research and Innovation for Western Balkan Countries (WBC). The meeting was co-chaired by ). The meeting was co-chaired by the Ministry of Education andScience of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia who hosted the event, the

Bulgarian presidency of the Council of the European Union, and the European Commission (DG Research and Innovation). TIV presented its insights on how to pave the way for innovation in Western Balkan Countries during the 4th Industrial Revolution. The presentation: 1. delineated a framework of regional strategy, drivers of growth and policies specific to the Western Balkans 2. evaluated the current status of technology in WBC, with global comparative analysis and subsequent advocacy for specific R&D initiatives (e.g. digital networks/infrastructure; localized renewable energy production), in addition to 3. the challenges that Industry 4.0 pose (e.g. ICT skills and education) and how they may be overcome (e.g. blockchain for property/IP rights).

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