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Impact of Blockchain Technology on Music Industry (IDB)

TIV was hired by IDB to prepare a paper on impact of blockchain technology on music industry in general and in the Caribbean in particular. This was part of the Technical Cooperation (RG-T2627) aimed at supplying the knowledge, experience, methodology and tools to perform a comprehensive assessment of existing intellectual assets to guide the development of information communication technologies and innovations that can be incorporated into the ‘intellectual asset-based’ business models of firms in the creative industries  in Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.

UNIDO PROJECT on Industry 4.0

TIV was asked to prepare background note for UNIDO’s seventeenth general conference on emerging technologies and Industry 4.0

Impact of Industry 4.0 on Social Sectors (IDB): Digital Economy Investments for Social Development

TIV member is contributing to a background paper on how emerging technologies (Industry 4.0) would impact different social sectors (health and social protection, labor markets, education, gender and diversity). The report is expected to serve as foundation for other reports and workshops envisaged under this project.

Caribbean Regional Entrepreneurial Asset Commercialization Hub (REACH) [Project (Inter-American Development Bank)

Solicited proposals from consulting firms to identify and support a selected number of high value, competitive ventures that generated innovative technologies. Projects constituted a portfolio (“pipeline”) that built on the competitive resources and market opportunities of the region. The project involved the creation of a regional facility in the Caribbean to protect and monetize various forms of intellectual property (creative industry such as music copyrights, geographical indicators, and patents).

Training program for CARIRI in Trinidad and Tobago on Technology Transfer, Commercialization, and Technology Scouting

The program was implemented in two sessions, the first on technology scouting and the second on technology transfer and commercialization. TIV has a long-standing relationship with CARIRI and designed a business incubator for CARIRI funded by the UN Financing System for S&T for Development (UNFSSTD) several years ago. The training program used, to the extent that was possible, case studies from the region.

OECD Review of Kuwait’s Innovation Policy

TIV prepared a comprehensive and integrated contribution to the OECD Review of Kuwait’s Innovation Policy based on the information gathered in the scoping and fact-finding mission(s) and the Background Report provided by the Kuwaiti authorities. The report was completed by desk research, telephone interviews, analysis of Kuwaiti legislation, and other relevant sources of information (included, as relevant, any survey conducted in the context of this review).


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TIV Impact of Industry 4.0 Papers in Process for Fall 2018 Publication

I4.0 Kenya
I4.0 Brazil
I4.0 Burkina Faso
I4.0 and Climate Change (IDB)
I4.0 Kazakhstan
I4.0 and Malaysia

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