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TIV conducted a series of workshops at the African Development Bank (AfDB) as part of the dissemination event for the launch of the flagship report Unlocking the Potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa

Ravi Gupta presentations at AFDB Feb 2020

As part of a global consortium featuring TIV, the Technopolis Group, AfDB and Research ICT Africa, TIV shepherded a series of sessions for the event which featured notable heads of industry, governing bodies and technology experts from across the world to discuss how to ensure Africa’s success in the rapidly transforming digital era.  The workshops involved a comprehensive analysis of the major disruptive technologies for Africa – namely AI, IoT, Big Data, 3D printing, Blockchain and Drones. TIV experts were invited as key speakers and presented on two major studies -- one on Transforming AfDB to a Smart Bank  and the other on Smart Cities.

In “Transforming AfDB into a Smart Bank,” TIV CEO, Ravi Gupta, addressed possible targeted measures AfDB could undertake in line with AfDB’s initiative towards “Digital Transformation,”. In this deep-dive, TIV identified, inter alia, possible starter items which warrant investigation such as Internal Procurement – for greater transparency, as in the use of Blockchain Technology; and Big Data Analytic Criteria for Country Loans Assessments and Department Sustainability (e.g. Risk Analysis).

Moreover, Mr. Gupta delineated how AfDB would need to develop internal capacity in order to respond to client demands for digitalization in general and 4IR technologies in particular. Scaling up activities in innovation and entrepreneurship, greater emphasis of Development Policy Loans, and deepened coordination with ADI to provide capacity building to policy makers, were some of the measures proposed for AfDB’s consideration. This has been made more even salient by AfDB in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This presentation was paired with analysis elaborated in TIV’s “Smart Cities in Africa – A solution to the continent’s Infrastructure deficit?”. Although Africa remains one of the fastest growing urbanizing continents of the world, much of its potential remains untapped. Accordingly, in attempting to foster further success such as that found in Nairobi and Cape Town, TIV presented analysis on the current status of technology in the Africa’s urban centers and offered a framework to augment current Smart Cities in addition to developing new centers for innovation.  As part of this exploration, TIV delineated the necessary ingredients for a Smart City (smart grids, energy, transport, logistics), in addition to providing a discussion on the relevant Data and Governance regulation at a continental level.

TIV conducted a series of workshops at the African Development Bank (AfDB) as part of the disseminat: Project
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