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TIV coauthored paper on “Intellectual Property Issues in Artificial Intelligence” for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Centennial Edition Journal

In 2018, TIV provided an overview of “Intellectual Property issues in Artificial Intelligence,” for publication in the prestigious USPTO Centennial Edition Journal. The paper was part of the USPTO’s initiative to keep up with the rapid advances in technological developments in artificial intelligence. The USPTO has acknowledged the growing impacts of Industry 4.0 technology on intellectual property and patent law and sought guidance from experts on the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead.  Accordingly, the co-authors, TIV’s Vice President of Emerging technologies and Intellectual Property, Dr. Mirjana Stankovic, and TIV’s CEO, Ravi Gupta, investigated the issue into detail, first laying the groundwork of the current landscape and then delved into the particularities of technologies such as AI and machine learning and their implications on IP. Although the report is largely proprietary, the paper addresses a vast multitude of topics, including the market share of AI patents at an institutional and national level, with analysis on how the United State can keep up with the global filing trends. The study also evaluated the role of US inventorship, such as the complexities and idiosyncrasies of AI as a subject, in addition to the question of ownership of AI-progenerated innovations. Finally, the authors proposed strategies and frameworks to maintain pace with the advancements in AI, in addition to suggesting preemptive measures towards handling emergent phenomena.

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