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Technology Deployment and Innovation Commercialization

Lab to Market, Staged Implementation, Risk Mitigation, University-Industry Linkages/Technology Parks, Strategic Alliances, IP Strategy and Licensing

  • Commercialization of technologies (lab to market) in all major disciplines(Green Energy, Nanotechnology, Engineering, Biomedical, Energy, and Computer Science) both in US and other parts of the world  

  • New product design – rapid prototyping, pilot testing, feasibility studies, field testing, scaling up and raising capital with a staged strategy 

  • Drafting laws/policies facilitating technology commercialization in emerging economies

  • International technology and knowledge transfer especially in clean tech and low carbon industries

  • Mentor to grantees of the Department of Energy's (DOE) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant

  • Mentor to grantees of the European Union (EU) Horizons 2020 Small Business Innovation Research grant

Technology Deployment and Innovation Commercialization: Project
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