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Technological Innovation in Legacy Sectors”: An Exploration of Technological Innovation through the Disruption of Legacy Sectors

Tech Innovation Legacy Sectors

In 2015, Dr. Charles Weiss, (TIV Advisory Council, Distinguished Professor of Science, Technology and International Affairs at Georgetown University, AAAS Visitng Scholar), coauthored a book with MIT’s Dr. Bonvillian, “Technological Innovation in Legacy Sectors” (Oxford University Press). The book introduces a new, unifying conceptual framework to identify the commonalities and differences in structural obstacles to innovation. Building on their collective experience as pioneers in the advancement of Science and Technology, the authors provide policy and strategy recommendations necessary for an upheaval of the stale ideologies which prevent progress. The book has received critical acclaim from high-ranking members of academia and the U.S. Government.

(Bonvillian, B. William and Weiss, Charles. Technological Innovation in Legacy Sectors. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2015. Print.)  

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