Tambourine Innovation Ventures (TIV) is a technology and venture development firm dedicated to poverty alleviation and sustainable growth through innovation. The company’s core focus is on bringing technological innovations to market, with an emphasis on the Base of the Pyramid (BoP). We create, nurture and scale sustainable entrepreneurial ventures in emerging markets that have positive economic, environmental and social benefits. Our partnerships with research institutes, development banks and agencies, private companies, NGOs industry networks, and leading experts in relevant fields enables us to scout for disruptive innovations and leverage expertise and resources to convert concepts into business. Insights from our broad and deep reservoir of expertise helps strengthen the capacity of our ventures and clients to address challenges raised by technological advances, environmental concerns, increasing pressure on resources, and globalization.


We deliver a full suite of strategic services and solutions to international development organizations, governments, NGOs, multilateral banks, and the private sector on the topics of:

Raising Capital Through Non-Conventional, Innovative, and Disruptive Investment Models

Recognizing the difficulties faced by innovative ventures based on sustainable technologies and strong potential for sustainable development, TIV offers a suite of investment services that extend beyond but not exclusive of conventional investment sources TIV covers the full spectrum of capital needs of innovative ventures – from seed capital through VC and Start up Funding, Market launch, Mezzanine and Expansion capital. Debt, equity, and Grant funds are explored. Our approach includes:


  • Expatriate communities of developing countries (the diaspora)

  • Crowdfunding internationally (going beyond the JOBS Act and Reg A common in the US)

  • Monetization of Tangible and Intangible Assets

  • Blended and Green Finance

  • Impact Investment and Social Venture Funds

  • Reverse Mergers

  • Public Finance and Incentive programs (e.g. R&D)


For each venture a customized investment strategy is designed which is phased to suit the projected growth strategy and trajectory of the venture, risks and returns, socio-economic an environmental benefits, markets and competition and strength of the MT and Governance structures. TIV will, as appropriate, take equity in the venture (with a buy back provision), be involved in governance and operations and provide “incubation’ services to the venture as needed.

Design of New Ventures Based on Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable Venture Creation, Designing Business Models, Technology and Market Intelligence, Deal Structure, Financing, Implementation, Strategy, Marketing


  • New ventures based on sustainable technologies

  • Comprehensive analysis of economic, technological, market, competition, environment, social impact, risk, term sheets, and sustainability along the complete value chain enterprises to help achieve sustainability

  • Strategic advice to governments on establishing programs aimed at inclusive innovation


Examples include drinking water filters for the BOP (product ready for launch); essential oils (Pimento Leaf); Oil absorbents from banana fiber; green composites; natural extracts using cold distillation technology; neutraceuticals from Agave leaf pulp; the current portfolio consists of ventures at feasibility and pilot/pro type stage to ready to market or already in market

Resource Productivity

Balancing Conservation and Efficiency, Measurement Productivity, Design, Strategy and Policy Analysis, Value Chain Analysis


  • Measuring system productivity improvements while assessing tangible and intangible innovations 

  • Sectorial and cross-sectorial potential for resource efficiency

  • Analytical work on National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) to promote use of certifications and standards thereby boosting exports though innovation, especially in services

  • Analysis of Global and regional competitiveness of industrial energy efficiency policies and procedures targeting energy scorecards, energy auditing & energy management (prepared options assessment for the Government of Uzbekistan on the implementation of its National Industrial Energy Efficiency Program 2015-2019)

  • Analysis of the economic and environmental impacts of cultural practices and traditional technologies. (Report on the Brick Sector in South Asia (Bangladesh, India and Nepal) that will contribute to one of the key outputs of the World Bank’s regional initiative, ‘Reducing Short-Lived Climate Pollution (SLCP) in South Asia).

Risk Finance and Impact Investment

Social Venture Capital, Fund Design and Management, Evaluating Sustainable Ventures, Sources of Finance – Traditional/Non-Traditional, Financial Model Development


  • Fund design and evaluation of total impact of investment 

  • Risk mitigation and portfolio design management

  • Design of early stage innovation financing mechanisms that align limited partner objectives with economic development goals

  • Establishing government backed venture funds and matching grants programs to foster innovative enterprises along the lines of SBIR, SBIC etc. 

  • Review and meta-analysis of the GEF (Global Environmental Facility) Reports and Activities (Secretariat (GEFSEC), GEF Council and GEF Agency) relevant to private sector engagement with a view to developing a historical overview of GEF engagement with private sector, building on the Overall Performance Study of the GEF (OPS5) study with a focus on GEF6 strategies; (Analysis of private sector engagement models of  environmental finance mechanisms, namely, Climate Investment Funds (CIF) and Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Knowledge Development in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Building your company's knowledge and capabilities in innovation--Idea generation, Designing Start Ups, Incubating Sustainable Ventures, Competitiveness Analysis, Team Formation, Intrapreneurship, Financing Start ups, Risk Assessment, Pre- and post-deal closure project development

  • Principles of Innovation: Practice, Strategy and Models

  • Design development and implementation of innovative ventures

  • Mentorship and Incubation programs for innovators

  • Technology commercialization, transfer, and adaptation

  • Risk mitigation and management

  • Valuation of technologies and IP

  • Technology intelligence and assessment

  • Financial modeling for technology ventures

  • Business plans and investment memoranda for technology based ventures

  • Creating the start up team and structure; managing start up challenges

  • Financing risky ventures-- creative financing; sources of 

  • Identifying emerging market opportunities based on technology advances

  • Designing programs to foster competitiveness, improve ease of doing business, and foster SME growth

  • customized workshops  in the following area: (Please note that the  course list  below  is  non-exhaustive.  Our solutions may be adjusted to the needs of our clients.)  


Principles  of  Innovation

Design of Sustainable Ventures and Projects

Fundamental  Concepts  and  Principles  for  Human  Centered  innovation and design in  a Changing  Society

Sustainability and Innovation in Emerging Markets

Sustainable Design

Resource Productivity

S&T and Innovation Policy


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Climate Change and Energy

Climate Change and Energy Policy, Low Carbon Development, Climate Risk Management


  • Designing climate change adaptation and risk management frameworks for national and sub-national governments

  • Analysis of industrial energy efficiency policies of energy intensive countries

  • Synthesis of national case studies on Short Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs)

  • Designing high level multi-stakeholder platforms for the transfer of clean technologies

  • Research on international climate finance and its access at national and subnational level

  • Analysis and synthesis of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

  • Advisory services on climate resilience and low carbon development

  • International climate change negotiation and UNFCCC

  • Research on use of traditional knowledge and indigenous methods to address climate change per Paris Agreement 

Meta Innovation

Strategy and Design, Clusters, Value Chains, Innovation ecosystem, Infrastructure and policies


  • Establishment, and operationalization of incubators, tech parks, accelerators, Fab Labs, regional innovation hubs, and  tech transfer offices

  • Creation of university curriculum, and research commercialization infrastructure right from concept stage

  • Drafting policies for innovation at country as well as institutional level on topics related to innovation and intellectual property

  • Design of supplier development programs to connect SMEs to Global Value Chains (GVCs)

Industry 4.0

Disruptive innovation and emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, robotics, bioprinting, and their policy implications 

  • Strategy formulation for government on challenges and opportunities posed by fourth industrial revolution. (report written for the government of Kazakhstan)

  • Research on policy implications of blockchain in music industry

 Technology Deployment and Innovation Commercialization

Lab to Market, Staged Implementation, Risk Mitigation, University-Industry Linkages/Technology Parks, Strategic Alliances, IP Strategy and Licensing


  • Commercialization of technologies (lab to market) in all major disciplines(Green Energy, Nanotechnology, Engineering, Biomedical, Energy, and Computer Science) both in US and other parts of the world  

  • New product design – rapid prototyping, pilot testing, feasibility studies, field testing, scaling up and raising capital with a staged strategy 

  • Drafting laws/policies facilitating technology commercialization in emerging economies

  • International technology and knowledge transfer especially in clean tech and low carbon industries

  • Mentor to grantees of the Department of Energy's (DOE) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant

  • Mentor to grantees of the European Union (EU) Horizons 2020 Small Business Innovation Research grant

 Sustainable Business

Changing the Business Model, Performance Measurement (Triple Bottom Line), Public-Private Partnerships, Value Chain Optimization, Organization and Governance


  • Sustainable Business Strategy and decision making   

  • Performance benchmarks and metrics    

  • Insights into alignment of incentive structure for innovative sustainable business models 

  • Analytical studies on green innovation and sustainable practices

  • Water Energy Nexus

Business Solutions for the Base of Pyramid (BoP)

Base of Pyramid (BoP) Innovation and Inclusive Business, Strategies and Policies for BoP Innovation, Creation of Funds Aimed at Inclusive Business and Innovation


  • BOP Value chain and institutional analysis of the BOP environment

  • Reaching and educating the consumer, user behavior research and market analysis/segmetation

  • Supply chain, distribution, and complex optimization

  • Context specific structural analysis of the pyramid

  • Product/Service design, pricing, marketing, distribution

Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets

National and international IP Regimes, Firm Level Management and Monetization of IP, IP for Economic Development


  • IP valuation, technology licensing, and monetization of intangible assets in all IP categories ( patents, geographical indicators, copyrights)

  • Advice to governments on national IP policy especially as regards commercialization of academic research along lines of Bayh Dole Act

  • Research and strategy on emerging topics such as IP securitization, IP exchanges, service innovation, and open innovation

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Institutional Experience


Our consulting experience is wide ranging, including development organizations and public and private entities. Our clients include:


  • UNDP: United Nations Development Program

  • UNIDO: United Nations Industrial Development Organization

  • UNESCO: United Nations Educational Social and Cultural Organization

  • UNFSSTD: United Nations Financing System for Science and Technology for Development

  • OECD: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development


  • UNU: United Nations University

  • UNCSTD: Center for Science and Technology for Development

  • UNCCST: Caribbean Center for Science and Technology

  • ICCDA: International Coordinating Committee of Development associations

  • UNDP TCDC UNIT: Technical cooperation Between Developing Countries

  • UNRCTT: Regional Center for Technology Transfer, Bangalore, India

  • International Finance Corporation

  • Asian Development Bank

  • Inter-American Development Bank

  • DFID: UK Department for International Development

  • CIDA: Canadian International Development Agency

  • USAID: United States Agency for International Development

  • CARIRI: Caribbean Industrial Research Institute 

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