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“Same Never Made a Difference”: TIV President led the 2018 IADB Unfollow Conference in Trinidad and Tobago, providing Innovative Strategies for the Digital Age

In March of 2018, TIV’s President, Dr. Atul Wad, was the keynote speaker for the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) Unfollow Conference, an event dedicated to the advancement of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) in the 4th Industrial Revolution. In order for T&T to position itself for a rapidly changing technological future, Dr. Wad walked through the necessary ingredients of innovation, in alignment with the Unfollow campaign’s Tagline, “Same never made a difference.” The objectives of the “Unfollow Campaign” were to: promote the country strategy; commemorate the Bank’s 50th anniversary of operating in T&T; develop the prominence of the IADB brand; and position the Bank as a knowledge institution. During the event, Dr. Wad provided strategical guidance on T&T’s economic opportunities and technological potential to the country’s major policy leaders. His talk culminated into a roadmap for addressing the country’s challenges, in tandem with proposed policies for sustainable growth.

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