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Risk Finance and Impact Investment

Social Venture Capital, Fund Design and Management, Evaluating Sustainable Ventures, Sources of Finance – Traditional/Non-Traditional, Financial Model Development

  • Fund design and evaluation of total impact of investment 

  • Risk mitigation and portfolio design management

  • Design of early stage innovation financing mechanisms that align limited partner objectives with economic development goals

  • Establishing government backed venture funds and matching grants programs to foster innovative enterprises along the lines of SBIR, SBIC etc. 

  • Review and meta-analysis of the GEF (Global Environmental Facility) Reports and Activities (Secretariat (GEFSEC), GEF Council and GEF Agency) relevant to private sector engagement with a view to developing a historical overview of GEF engagement with private sector, building on the Overall Performance Study of the GEF (OPS5) study with a focus on GEF6 strategies; (Analysis of private sector engagement models of  environmental finance mechanisms, namely, Climate Investment Funds (CIF) and Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Risk Finance and Impact Investment: Project
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