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Ravi Gupta


Ravi is an innovation commercialization, Intellectual Property (IP), early stage entrepreneurial finance, and private sector development strategist with a focus on technology based economic development. He has 15+ years of solid experience comprising venture capital, technology commercialization, technology transfer & economic development policy, IP strategy and monetization, private equity, and innovation policy.

He had been responsible for strategic planning for regional local economic development programs in the US, particularly the mid-west. Through multilaterals such as World Bank, and Asian Development Bank, he has advised several governments in Eastern Europe, Latin American and the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific on above-mentioned topics and led creation of innovation policies, and establishment of innovation infrastructure such as technology commercialization facilities, IP marketplace, and venture funds.

He is a member of Cornerstone Angels a Chicago based angel investment club, and mentor to several firms in emerging economies through the AAAS' (American Association of Advancement of Sciences) and US State Department's Global Entrepreneurship program. He serves as an advisor to Chicago-based Center for HealthCare Innovation, and independent, non-profit research and educational institute that bring the best and brightest healthcare leaders from all over the world together to share their ideas and expertise on topics related to innovation in healthcare.

His past experience includes working in tech transfer offices at US universities, and technology consulting. Ravi earned his Master's degree in Economic Policy from University of Chicago. In addition, he has an MBA in Finance with doctoral level coursework in economics, and a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering.

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