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Raising Capital Through Non-Conventional, Innovative, and Disruptive Investment Models

Recognizing the difficulties faced by innovative ventures based on sustainable technologies and strong potential for sustainable development, TIV offers a suite of investment services that extend beyond but not exclusive of conventional investment sources TIV covers the full spectrum of capital needs of innovative ventures – from seed capital through VC and Start up Funding, Market launch, Mezzanine and Expansion capital. Debt, equity, and Grant funds are explored. Our approach includes:

  • Expatriate communities of developing countries (the diaspora)

  • Crowdfunding internationally (going beyond the JOBS Act and Reg A common in the US)

  • Monetization of Tangible and Intangible Assets

  • Blended and Green Finance

  • Impact Investment and Social Venture Funds

  • Reverse Mergers

  • Public Finance and Incentive programs (e.g. R&D)

For each venture a customized investment strategy is designed which is phased to suit the projected growth strategy and trajectory of the venture, risks and returns, socio-economic an environmental benefits, markets and competition and strength of the MT and Governance structures. TIV will, as appropriate, take equity in the venture (with a buy back provision), be involved in governance and operations and provide “incubation’ services to the venture as needed.

Raising Capital Through Non-Conventional, Innovative, and Disruptive Investment Models: Projects
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