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In 2017, for the Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development (GFLJD), the World Bank’s initiative to ‘Generate Innovative Legal Solutions to Developmental Challenges,’ TIV members, in conjunction with leading IP experts, surveyed the current and future landscape of Bioprinting and Patent law. The paper explored the legal ramifications of the rapidly developing field of Bioprinting – a process, similar to 3D printing, with the distinction of using cells, growth factors and biomaterials as the substrates.  In this avant-garde analysis, the authors reviewed a brief history of legislation surrounding patent and intellectual property law, potential regulatory concerns and the overarching ‘Global Development and Ethical Conundrum’ of its use. Although the field is still in its nascency, the paper has served as the bedrock for subsequent conversations around bioprinting policy and patentability.  Of note, GFLJD is a network of organizations dedicated to creating legal knowledge that promotes achievement of post-2015 sustainable development goals.  Its activities bring together experts, scholars and practitioners to address the most pressing and cutting-edge legal issues in development.

“Patentability, Global Development and Ethical Considerations of Bioprinting”  -- Can Tissues turn A: Project
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