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The world is a mobius circle...
not flat

Foreseeing the future and innovating to meet its needs is ever more critical today. Globalization, technological innovation, and demographic changes will be the prime drivers shaping the economic future. Evolution of new institutions and regulations to address results of these changes and responding to these future trends while meeting the challenges of climate change, resource scarcity, and job creation requires multi-disciplinary knowledge employing quantitative and qualitative methodologies, deep domain expertise, and staunch commitment to sustainable economic development. Motivated to meet these emerging issues of increasing importance, Tambourine Innovation Ventures was founded to harness the power of innovation to create economic growth and shared prosperity.

Deeper ICT penetration is bringing mobile banking to women through inexpensive mobile phones thus playing a role in ameliorating gender inequality; development of angel investing networks and crowdfunding is helping grassroots entrepreneurs bridge the valley of death; novel IP licensing and generic vaccines is helping address the daunting challenges of health in poor countries. These are just very few of multitude of ways innovation, IP, and entrepreneurial financing play a vital role in the economic development agenda. For the private sector, inclusive innovation is emerging as perhaps the biggest business opportunity of the coming decades. New models are emerging where the private sector is not only ‘doing well and doing good’ but ‘doing well by doing good’. That BoP markets remain under-developed and under-satisfied is increasingly seen as evidence of a lucrative potential. We aim to convert this potential to  reality.

While futurists augur a post-scarcity society in most rich countries, development economists warn of exacerbating divergence brought by the fourth industrial revolution. New technologies will continue disrupt the status quo and radically alter the economic landscape through creation of new industries, as well as “creative destruction” of obsolete firms, products, and processes but the benefits of these rapid changes will not necessarily be broadly shared. New paradigms of development coupling the power of technology with innovative business models are needed to create a more prosperous future that is more equitable and environmentally sustainable. TIV aims to lead in this effort. Marshalling their extensive experience in technology commercialization, intellectual property, public policy, early stage innovation financing, venture strategy, inclusive innovation, sustainability, and analyzing technology trends, the experts at TIV are dedicated to helping shape the future per their vision.

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