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Innovation Workshop and Seminar Descriptions

Entrepreneurship Development


Tambourine  Innovation  Ventures  (TIV)  is  pleased  to  provide  a  list  of  services aimed  at  fostering  of entrepreneurial skills and covering a variety of topics ranging from generation of an idea and team formation to pre- and post-deal closure project development.

Entrepreneurship Development. Development of skills that will help at various stages of business creation such  as:  idea  generation,  designing  of  start-ups,  incubating  sustainable ventures,  competitiveness  analyses, team  formation,  intrapreneurship,  financing of  start-ups, risk assessment. Additionally, TIV specialists will help with:

  • Founding and scaling of start-ups

  • Mentorship programs for entrepreneurs.

  • Designing national level projects to foster competitiveness, improve ease of doing business, and foster SME growth.

TIV  team  members  have  accumulated  years  of  successful  business  and  teaching practice  to  guide  our students  into the  world  of  real-life  entrepreneurship.  Please  note that the  list  below  is  non-exhaustive.  Our solutions may be adjusted to the needs of our clients. 

Principles  of  Entrepreneurship

Principles  of  Entrepreneurship  is  an  introductory  course  for  students that  have limited  or  no  exposure  to  business  and  the  entrepreneurial  process.  It  has been  designed  to build  a  knowledge  foundation  in  all  key  areas  relevant  to entrepreneurship  and  the  creation  of  new ventures.

Principles  of  Entrepreneurship:

Principles  of  Entrepreneurship  is  an  introductory  course  for  students that  have limited  or  no  exposure  to  business  and  the  entrepreneurial  process.  It  has been  designed  to build  a  knowledge  foundation  in  all  key  areas  relevant  to entrepreneurship  and  the  creation  of  new ventures.

Design of Sustainable Ventures and Projects:

The course will  be practical and project based, with the objective of providing students with an understanding of the process of designing practical initiatives that can  produce  effective  solutions  to  sustainability  challenges  based  upon the  principles  of  sustainable development.

Fundamental  Concepts  and  Principles  for  Human  Centered  Design  in  a Changing  Society:

The purpose of  this  course  is  to  introduce  students  to the  relevant  intellectual and  academic  disciplines,  and their  historical  evolution  to  the  current  time; critique  these  disciplines  and  develop  syntheses  that  have relevance to design; apply these concepts and principles to design issues of importance today; and derive an  understanding  of  the  fundamental  principles  and  concepts  from bodies  of  knowledge  that  apply  to design.

Sustainability and Innovation in Emerging Markets:

The course is an introduction to the fundamental and  evolving  principles  and conceptual  bases  of  sustainability  and  their  implications  for  emerging markets. It will review the historical evolution of the concept, the various manifestations that it has gone through  over  time,  and  the  major  current  issues  of  debate  in  this field.  The  course  will  also  cover  the various  theoretical  perspectives  on  the innovation  process  that  have  been  developed  from  economics, management strategy, organizational behavior and other disciplines.

Sustainability and Innovation in Emerging Markets:

Issues and Approaches for Corporations.  The purpose  of  the  course  to  provide the  students  with  sound  conceptual  and  practical  foundations  in sustainable business  and  innovation  in  EMCs,  learn  about  implications  for  organizational strategy,  and application  models  in  different  functional  areas  of  business.  This would  prepare  them  for  careers  in corporations  committed  to  sustainable business,  as  well  as  in government  and  policy  organizations,  and related international agencies. It will also provide them with tools and knowledge related to undertaking entrepreneurial ventures.

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