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In March 2019, TIV presented the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Workshop on "Digital Technologies for Advancing Food Security, Climate Action and Environmental Sustainability" in Bangkok, Thailand.

As part of ADB’s initiative to identify and implement innovative technologies towards improving resource efficiency and to catalyze climate action, TIV was invited to participate in dialogue with major Asian government officials at a 2019 meeting in Bangkok, Thailand. Along with leaders in academia, policy making, and institutions such as the World Bank, TIV helped explore four central themes: sustainable agriculture, food traceability, climate action (mitigation and adaptation) and environmental sustainability. In particular, TIV’s CEO presented on the novel use of Blockchain solutions for Effective Climate Action. The objective of the presentation was to give government leaders a better idea of the nature of blockchain, including the opportunities and challenges in mainstream applications. This was later followed by an in-depth conversation on how blockchain can revolutionize environmental science, including climate change (e.g. peer-to-peer renewable energy-trading systems), biodiversity (cryptocurrency for investment in habitat restoration and species conservation), the blue economy (incentivizing ocean plastic recycling) and the grey economy (air pollutant data collection), among others. At its conclusion, TIV laid a roadmap for use of blockchain in Asia, largely inspired by previous success of its use in a joint venture of TIV with the Inter-American Development Bank, MIT Media Lab and the Berklee College of Music.

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