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Energy Sector Lawyer [Contract]

St George's, Grenada

About the Role

The Energy Sector Lawyer will work with the CBEE-R team to formulate a legislative review and gap analysis and provide a menu of recommendations on required legislative and regulatory changes in the energy sector. S/he will also develop a report on best practices in renewable energy regulation in the Caribbean and internationally.

This position is short-term, and the level of effort will be 50 days within a five-month period. The Energy Sector Lawyer will report to the Chief of Party and the Private Sector Development Officer.

The Energy Sector Lawyer will work with the CBEE-R team to formulate the report on best practices on renewable energy regulation. The Energy Sector Lawyer will, among other things:


  • Provide a succinct overview of the key technological, market and economic trends affecting the renewable energy sector;

  • Undertake a comprehensive review of best practices in the regulation of renewable energy in the Caribbean;

  • Conduct a review of best practices in the regulation of renewable energy internationally, but with a special emphasis on countries with economic and geographic conditions similar to those in Caribbean countries;

  • Assess the applicability of identified best practices to the Grenadian context; and

  • Provide a menu of recommendations on context appropriate proposals that can be made to the Government of Grenada in terms of regulatory best practices to be adopted.

  • Additionally, the Energy Sector Lawyer will support the CBEE-R team to undertake a legislative review and gap analysis of Grenada’s legislation regulating electricity, including:

  • Conducting a detailed assessment of the existing legislative framework in the context of the draft National Energy Plan and other high level policy documents related to energy;

  • Preparing a Legislative/Regulatory Gap Analysis Report;

  • Recommending legislative and regulatory changes in the energy sector that are required to facilitate enhanced utilization of electricity generated from renewable energy.

The findings of both the report on best practices and the legislative review and gap analysis study will be presented to the private sector for validation and to the PPD.


The candidate shall have the following experience and qualifications:
  • A degree in Law from an accredited university and a member in good standing of the Bar in at least one CARICOM Common Law country;  

  • At least five years of experience conducting legislative and regulatory review assessments in the energy sector and proposing legal and regulatory changes for the generation of electricity and enhanced reliance on renewable energy. Prior experience in parliamentary legislative drafting is preferred. 

  • Knowledge of energy sector reform, advanced energy technologies, clean energy, utility reform, and inclusive and sustainable development related to energy would be an asset; 

  • Experience creating policy, procedures and/or legal reforms for government institutions;

  • Excellent writing and oral communications skills;

  • Excellent organizational skills;

  • Proven communication and presentation skills, and 

  • Ability to work in an environment requiring liaising and collaborating with multiple actors including government representatives, private sector representatives, international organizations, and other stakeholders.

  • Report on Best Regulatory Practices in the Renewable Energy Sector;

  • Legislative/Regulatory Gap Analysis Report; 

  • List of recommendations on legislative or regulatory changes in the Grenadian energy sector to enhance utilization of renewable energy to generate electricity; and 

  • Presentations to the Private Sector and to the PPD.  

About the Company

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has awarded International Development Group LLC (IDG) a three-year, $8.6 million Caribbean Business Enabling Environment-Reform (CBEE-R) task order under the Public Financial Management II (PFM II) IDIQ. The objectives of CBEE-R will focus on improving the regulatory climate for resilient businesses, bolstering government capacity to implement business environment reforms, enhancing robust public-private dialogue, and improving the creation of a resilient private sector.

To support the USAID/ESC Regional Development Cooperation Strategy through CBEE-R, IDG chose TIV as a sub-contractor contributing to activities across the six result areas of two objectives.

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