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At the 17th Session of the General Conference of UNIDO in Vienna, TIV Presented a Seminal Background Paper on “Industry 4.0 — Opportunities Behind the Challenge”

At the highest policymaking organ of the United Nations Industrial Developmental Organization (UNIDO), TIV presented its findings on what served as the event’s Background Paper,  “Industry 4.0 — Opportunities Behind the Challenge.” In its address to the 168 member-states on the conference theme of “Sustainable Development Goals,” TIV elucidated the nature and implications of Industry 4.0 on the private sector, governments and international organizations. The analysis delved into the relevance of Industry 4.0 components in our contemporary (e.g. blockchain, AI, machine learning, IoT, etc.) and set the stage for foreboding challenges, as well as solutions due to technological advancements. The investigation enabled greater discussion of Industry 4.0 on a global scale, consistent with TIV’s mission to bring innovation to the world.

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