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In front of an audience comprised of leading global technologists, academics and policy makers, TIV presented “Using Blockchain to Facilitate Innovation in the Creative Economy” during a two-day event on “Emerging Topics for Policy And Assessment.” Therein, TIV illustrated the utility of distributed ledger systems towards economic empowerment in the creative industry. The presentation deconstructed blockchain into six key forces, including the role of P2P transactions, IP management and Smart Contracts for Revenue Sharing and Data Democratization, among others. It then provided a roadmap for the challenges that lie ahead, their potential solutions, and how innovation can renumerate artists in Industry 4.0. 

The workshop was part of a two-year OECD-wide program of work titled “Going Digital” under which the OECD is undertaking extensive analysis of the economic, social and policy implications of digital technology, examining themes ranging from productivity impacts in business, to e-health, e-government, digital commerce, and Industry 4.0. Major OECD publications were launched in early 2019 at the conclusion of this endeavor. These thought pieces will help guide OECD governments, identify untapped opportunities to use digital technology in science and innovation processes and also point policymakers to where changes in digital technology could require changes in the design of mainstream policy approaches.

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